Crossfit Resistance Bands Set


Crossfit Resistance Bands Set gives you 7 Possible Band Combinations to Allow for Any Level of Resistance or Assistance Between 15 and 185 lbs. Such bands are widely use in Crossfit for stretching, assisted pull-ups, powerlifting and calisthenics; to name a few. Definitely parts of your Crossfit gym bag essentials.


  • Crossfit Resistance Bands Set
  • Red / Black / Purple Colors
  • Sizes Red 41″ * 0.5″/ Black 41″ *0.9″/ Purple 41″ *1.1″
  • Thickness is 4.5mm
  • Accessories Needed for Crossfit
  • Free Shipping


Light Resistance Loop Band – Color Red
Measures 41″ Long, 0.5″ Wide
Equivalent resistance 15-35 lbs
Low tension band suitable for general core conditioning, rehabilitation, speed training, jumping, stretching, aerobics, yoga, and as assistance for body weight exercises. Widely used as aerobic bands, this band is good for beginners and those looking for light weight resistance.

Light Medium Resistance Loop Band – Color Black
Measures 41″ Long, 0.9″ Wide
Equivalent resistance 25-65 lbs
The most versatile band we offer as it can be used for a whole spectrum of mid-high level resistance exercises. Widely used as general strength training bands, Pilates, and explosive training bands.

Medium Resistance Loop Band – Color Purple
Measures 41″ Long, 1.14″ Wide
Equivalent resistance 35-85 lbs
Often used to lightly assist in pull ups. Great middle ground band for general strength training.

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